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What is Marry The Vision?

Marry the Vision is a Resource for Pastors. It was created by those who are committed to the Local Church.


Pastors are looking for resources and relationships that inspire, educate & strengthen them personally in their walk with God and in their ministry assignment.

Ron Jutze has been working with pastors and their ministry teams for over 35 years. He is a Proven ministry partner supporting church leaders and their teams in pursuing & fulfilling the vision Jesus Christ has entrusted to them to achieve. (1 Sam.23:16)

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Marry The Vision founder – Ron Jutze shares his heart as well as the concept behind Marry the Vision.

Marry The Vision is Focused on:

  • Inspiring ministry leaders in pursuing God and His Divine call on their lives.
  • Equipping ministry leaders with practical training, coaching & tools to be fruitful in their Divine assignment
  • Empowering leaders by providing relational support on their ministry journey.
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What Other Pastors are Saying:

Jonathan Williams

Pastor – Church of the Hills

"Marry the Vision has helped so much, both as a pastor as well as helped our church. Working with Pastor Ron built my confidence in knowing that there was someone on the other end of the line who had the wisdom and sound judgement that I needed."

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Sean Obergfell

Pastor – Believer's Chapel

"I've known Pastor Ron for over 30 years...He will teach you how to maintain a high level of excellence in your team as well as equipping you to better yourself as a leader."

Hear from Sean

Joshua Thurman

Pastor – Hope Church of Boone

"When we planted our church 8 years ago, we were blessed to have Pastor Ron speaking into our lives and into our team. I have no doubt that because of his leadership we've been able to grow as a church and also have avoided some of the pitfalls that would have otherwise caught us off guard."

Hear from Joshua

Endorsement for Marry the Vision from Dr. Mark Barclay

Hear from one of America's leading pastoral voices – Dr. Mark Barclay as he shares his endorsement of Ron Jutze and the Marry the Vision program.